Welcome to my portfolio.

Somehow you ended up here, looking at a princess castle with a small carrot on top. Cute? Maybe you imagine that I’m a ginger girl in love with the royals, that I’m from the country of princes and princesses or that I just love carrots and imagine myself living in a castle like this at some point. Please keep making assumptions,
I would love to hear them!

The real story is that my last name “Peen” means carrot in Dutch. Not just any carrot. A special one. In the Netherlands, they apparently grow so many carrots they distinct them.

The Castle is from Lego. Lego because that’s where my creativity started and probably also where yours did? I remember I always wanted to have the big Lego princess castle but my parents being very politically correct I was not allowed to have one. Now, at the age of 23,
I finally got my castle. My castle of creativity.

Cmd + shift + 4, take a screenshot and learn how to make your lego carrot. 
Special lego carrot.

by Sarah Peen